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Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm EST
of the national security team. in his first news conference since the elect, the president drew the line against extending tax cuts for the wealthy and had an emotional defense of his ambassador to the united nations who is under fire for her comments on libya. fox 5s tom fitzgerald was in the newsroom for that session. a lot of ground for to you cover, f itz, and the president for that matter. >> reporter: i was in the east room. >> there you go. >> reporter: the one and only light moment in this news conference was when the president said flatly there was so much going on and he almost couldn't remember the election the last week. clearly, the dominant subject here today was the general petraeus sex scandal. >> sure. >> reporter: and what this did to the cia. throughout the course of the news conference today, the president discussed several issues that are going on in the nearly week now snce the election as we told you. the president said that he did not believe the sex scandal, which forced the resignation of cia director david petraeus and ensnared afghanistan commander general john allen
Nov 13, 2012 5:00pm EST
brown to jail for six days. use his elected office to make personal gains or defraud the people he represented. but fox 5s political analyst mark plotkin believes that some will think the former chairman got off easily. >> i think most people don't think six days is in jail is a strong message. a few months in jail is a strong message. >> reporter: brown's attorney admits the bank fraud and campaign violations were wrong, but believes prosecutors would have never gone after brown if he was not the council chairman. >> he has received a sentence from the court and the court expects he will abide by the sentence. >> reporter: and brown shoulding released to head home in the next hour and that is what we told. brown will serve six months of home detention and wear an ankle bracelet, two years of probation and 4ity hours of community service. the judge said he wants the service to be visible to everyone. he wants it to happen on the weekdays, and he wants people ton this crime did not go unpunished. shawn? >> i'm curious d kwame brown talk at all today, go did he speak to the reporters
Nov 8, 2012 5:00pm EST
, but they're living in shelters, some of the people, the election was the other day and they had to go to a different polling place from the shelter and talking about thatnor easter. first, we're hit with superstorm sandy and new jersey is slowly coming back on and trying to get power and trying to get help from the federal government in here and then we're hit with this nor'easter, which literally, as you said, just with the cleanup. -- . >> it sure does. >> and look here. it looks like a tornado hit here, don't you think? >> it does, sharon. i understand that fema is sending in some of the temporary houses or trailers that we saw during katrina. do you know when they going to arrive and where they going to be placed? >> reporter: as key we're drove in, we saw fema trucks. i didn't see the fema trailers but they're set up at the school and firehouse here into town and that is where they serving hot meals and the red cross is there. but that is something they're working on all over the jersey coast line. the barrier islands were evacuated and some of them you can't get back into. the
Nov 9, 2012 5:00pm EST
the day after he was re-elected. plenty to cry about there. what a huge journey to get to that part. he worked as a community organizers in chicago once back in the day and got emotional when he told his staff how proud he was of their work. >>> now to a news alert out of the district. at least one shot was fired near the white house this morning following an armed robbery and car chase. it happened around 6:00 a.m. police say several people robbed a group of membership in dupont circle. with the suspects drove off two of the victims followed in their own car. during the chase one of the suspects fired the gun, hitting the victims' vehicle. the victims drove to the white house to ask the secret service for help. >> this has nothing do with that location. it really occurred north near jefferson place. right now we're still in the process of following up any information we received. >> d.c. police say it's fortunate nobody was hurt. they urge people not to take matters into their own hands and report any crime to police. >>> a maryland state trooper hurt after being hit by a stolen car. i
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4